...It's Been How Long?

This is why I will never be a professional blogger.

Looking at the date of this blog, it's apparently been... over three years since I've written anything. In that time, GoDaddy has once again deleted all of my hosting settings on account of my old American credit card expiring (seriously, you can't just hang onto those few lines of text?), and I no longer wish to entertain hosting and domain services with different providers. Honestly though, this is more a symptom of the fact that I haven't updated my portfolio since moving out to Canada, simply because I've been working on things that either haven't been released, or are hard to take pictures of. I would be perfectly happy snapping a photo of the obnoxious shader graph that I wrote for Dragon Age 3; I'm sure there might even be some people out there that would get a kick out of it. But is it appropriate for an art-related portfolio? Eh.

Anyways, new beginnings. If I'm going to be a leader in my field, I should start scribing like one.  The portfolio will make its way back sometime.  Personal works will definitely roll in.

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