Full Steam Ahead

I'm not exactly sure what it was born out of, but I suddenly have a great deal of inspiration that needs to be channeled. The only problem is that I have far too many personal goals to channel it into. I know, right? What a terrible situation to be in.

First, there's that juggernaut model that I started and made some real progress on. Then there's the Archangel Michael concept that I started, and was really enjoying. He needs to get done, and then I want to model him (and his face). Then there's the game story that I suddenly picked up again, realizing that I'm not going to live with regret 20 years from now, wondering why I never submitted the idea to a studio. You know, a studio known for story-driven content, deep character relationships, and genre blending. A studio like the one I just started working for. And then there's the next game project I'm working on, and helping to define the visual identity of the franchise, something that I've never had the chance to do and couldn't be more excited to be doing. And then I want to continue learning Z-Brush. And continue advancing my career.

On top of all this, there's being a father, a husband, making new friends, sticking to my new workout routine, and playing sports. I need to start planning all of this out...

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